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Salaam Haji Mobile App

Salaam Haji is equipped with Piligrim friendly tools and digital applications

Low cost packages to Umrah
Low cost packages to Umrah

Why Us

How to go to Hajj

Walk With ME

A handy app which every Hajj and Umrah pilgrim will find it truly useful. This app will guide you from the time you intent to do Hajj or Umrah to the time you complete your Hajj’s or Umrah’s last step (Arkan). This friendly app will walk you through each step and have you recite appropriate spiritual verses at each juncture of your holy trip.

Reach Umrah

Family + Finder

This mobile app will provide you peace of mind and finds almost anything that you need in the holy land. Your family, Hajj/Umrah support personnel, Barbers, Restaurants, Pharmacy and many more are just on your palm now. Integrated chat function comes as true convenience to the pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah

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Luggage Tracker

Travel without luggage is Ideal, but having luggage and also have ability to track it, makes the equation more better. This mobile app will take the entire burden off of your head about your luggage that is easily tracked wherever it is. Be it Mina, Muzdalifah or Arafah, your luggage will show up on your mobile on demand.

How to go to Hajj

Online Doctor

SalaamHaji Online Doctor is not just an application with virtual support, but you will get to talk to the most renowned senior specialist doctors on the screen of your mobile. With million people congregating at one place will subject to various kind of infections in the air and you falling sick is inevitable which is why our Online Doctor will alleviate all such health related issues on having a Doctor by the side of you.

Money Safety & Security

Every pilgrim has his money safe with SalaamHaji wallet. A portion of money is released only after the milestones are reached. Pilgrims have free will to select the travel agency based on their services and feedback provided by fellow pilgrims or the pilgrims from past years.

Early Bird Booking

There is a great opportunity to save huge amount if you have pre-determined to perform Haj or Umrah much in advance and ready to pay the entire amount upfront. You can’t even imagine the discount that you are going to get. It will be much less than other providers.

Shopping Offers

Every Haj or Umrah ticket book will give you a discounted coupons for the shopping you would do in SA during your stay. The vouchers can be redeemed at participating food centers, clothing, jewellery, toys, groceries etc. This will save you a lot of money over there.

One Stop Shop

SalaamHaji Haj and Umrah portal is created to cater every registered pilgrim’s significant to pettiest needs. Every registered pilgrim has plethora of options to select the agency to go with and at the same time their Haj and Umrah trip is tailored to their needs.