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Ziyarat packages from Bangalore explore all the places of religious historical importance with visits to places mentioned in the Quran as well as places lived and experienced by Prophets and people revered in Islam.

After Hajj & Umrah, Ziyarat packages are the next most sought-after travel packages for Muslims. A popular Ziyarat Tours from Bangalore is one to Jordan and Jerusalem. Where upon arrival you will first hand get to see Cave of the Seven Sleepers, known as Khaf Al Raqim. Blessed Tree surrounded by arid land. Then you will see the Blessed Tree where It is believed Prophet Mohammad SAW rested here as a boy while traveling to Syria with his Uncle. This is where the monk Bahira recognized his future as Prophet SAW.

With Salaam Haji Ziyarat travel packages from Bangalore to Jordan, you will also get to see Shrine of Abu Ubaidah ben Al-Jarrah and Lot’s cave which transformed into an intricately built church. ZIyarath travel guide will also take you to the old city of Jerusalem to the Muslim Quarter to Haram al-Sharif and visit al-Aqsa Mosque where sadly Israeli soldiers illegally and regularly terrorize Palestinian worshippers.

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Ziyarath Travel FAQS

How much do Ziyarath packages cost?

The average cost of a 7 nights Ziyarat package from Bangalore is priced at Rs.69,00/- with Salaam Haji.

What category of Hotels are offered for Ziyarath packages?

ZIyarath group packages usually cater to 3 - star hotel categories.

Can Ziyarat packages be customised?

Yes. SAlaam Haji can customise Ziyarath packages for your and your private group with category of hotel, days of travel, places to see.

What our Clients say about our Ziyarat Packages

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Ayesha Siddiqua

We contacted many agencies for customised Umrah package but they were busy and response was not as expected and very late. We really liked the way we got instant response. They are very proactive and understood customer needs. As requested we got hotels close by Al Haram (7 min walk)and Masjide Nabawi (3 min walk), the contact person at hotels were very helpful. Flights were booked with in our budget. They got our visa done swiftly. Definitely recommend Salaam Haji.

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Fathima Lateefunissa

Salaam Haji are very thorough and organized with their bookings. Really appreciated the prompt response from their team to book our Umrah package. Will definitely recommend Salaam Haji to everyone.

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Mohammed Shakeeb

I got the best deal compared to other famous booking sites. The team perfectly coordinated with the hotel staff and made sure that things were ready before we checked-in. Salaam Haji has an excellent team. We are extremely satisfied with their services. I will seek their assistance for all my Umrah and Ziyarat trips.