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An indispensable mobile application which is a must have, is finally here to assist every Haji in performing their Hajj/Umrah this time, More efficient and seamless. Be it your Family, Health, Spiritual Guidance, Purchases etc. you are covered with ‘Salaam Haji's’ array of features.

Arriving this hajj season onwards!

We wish you a Peaceful, Prosperous and Purposeful Hajj

App Features

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Online Doctor

We have established a tie-up with a company who is well versed in developing and managing Health related services. Hajis are prone to infections and illness, and this application will provide instant access to the doctor ONLINE


Animal sacrifice is one off the most important and crucial step in completing the Hajj successfully, so we entered into this challenge to ease Pilgrims struggle at the end. The entire process is automated, and it is mobile app and SMS driven

Walk With Me
(Bundled with Family+ Finder)

This application will never let you miss any step of Hajj/Umrah right from wearing Ihram at home/airport to the time you come back home. ‘Duas’, ‘Ayaahs’ recitation. All audio, video and images that can keep you well informed of next steps in Hajj and Umrah

The Portal of Trust

This portal is the gateway to search and select group Hajj & Umrah packages at affordable prices from authentic, certified and registered with Hajj Committee of India and Saudi Arabia travel agencies ONLY. All you have to make an intent and rest leave on us.

Family Finder
(Bundled with Walk with Me)

This application lets you find and notify you with an alert message if someone walks away or gets lost in the crowd. Also you can track your loved ones anytime. You can chat and share media files and share / exchange information with your family members. You can also establish bonding between other families (Virtual Families)

Gold Card

This card can be opted for and collected at your home or in the Holy Land over the mobile application. This card lets you connect to various vendors(shopping, restaurants, cargo etc.) where you can avail a variety of offers and discounts . These vendor partners have worked with us on offering best value to Hajis who are coming from our side and carrying the Gold Card.

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